We all know that video is where it’s at in the world of digital marketing.  And viral videos are the holy grail.

A quick google search confirms that comedy is the source of all viral videos.  Whether you’re laughing at a kitten who can play the piano or watch Michelle Obama rocking in Carpool Karaoke, the point is you’re laughing…and liking…and sharing.

Pure viral gold 

This serious BBC discussion about the future of North Korea is unremarkable until Robert Kelly’s daughter – bubbling with glee after a birthday party – gate-crashes the interview. What follows is pure viral video gold. Its 43 meager seconds contain more emotion, humour and genuine humanity than most movies manage in an hour-and-a-half.

It’s been downloaded a record 84 million times, and Kelly shot to fame with follow-on BBC interviews on the bizarre, yet wonderful response to this event. Obviously, you can’t engineer these things. But when it comes to video you can try to take yourself and your business a little less seriously.

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