How often should financial advisors send newsletters?

Social media might be booming, but a targeted e-mail newsletter remains the most effective form of online marketing. Here’s the big question: How frequently you should send them out?

 Online marketing experts agree that the most effective newsletter strategy is to set up a schedule and stick to it. A daily newsletter? Not practical — it would take way too much […]

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If you had two minutes with the President, what would you say?

Last week, I attended a Zoom discussion (as you do!) hosted by Howard Sackstein of the South African Jewish Report. He brought together a distinguished panel of seriously influential businesspeople and asked them all the same question: “What would you say to the president if you had 2 minutes of his time?”

I thought I’d share a few of my favourite […]

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Opportunity abounds because of Covid-19

There’s no point in trying to sugarcoat it. Our economy will take a massive knock from all of this and, worse still, many South Africans may lose their lives. But in amongst all the heartache, there are some positives. Not least the opportunity to rethink the way we are living our lives, running our businesses and managing our country…

As the […]

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It’s business as usual for FinCommunications

We’re very fortunate as we structured FinCommunications as a predominantly online business when we launched three years ago. So, for us, it’s business as usual, but busier.

We’re a great believer that when things are going well, it’s never wise to take your foot off the gas.   And when things are tough, it’s time to accelerate.

So, do double down on your […]

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8 tips for online business meetings

If you’re anything like us, the past month has probably been one massive crash course in video conferencing. Now that you’re getting the hang of the new normal, here are some foolproof tips to take your video conferencing skills from so-so to stellar. Read on for the lowdown…

  1. Business is business

Working from home doesn’t mean abandoning professional decorum altogether. […]

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Social media tip 10 for financial advisors: Monitor your performance

It’s essential to monitor your social performance so that you can continue to improve.

You can use the Analytics function on the various platforms, or you can use third-party software that not only gives you stats on your performance but allows you to manage and schedule upcoming posts. Analytics give valuable insights on the best times to post, the demographics of […]

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Social media tip 9 for financial advisors: Keep records

FAIS requires that you keep detailed and readily accessible records of all communications going back at least five years.

This includes social media. Luckily, all social media platforms now make it easy to access and download your data.

If you’re not quite sure how to download your records,  reach out to for help.  We’re specialist financial marketers with in-depth insight into […]

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Social media tip 8 for financial advisors: Beware of controversial topics

It’s so easy to get caught up in a controversial conversation and put your brand’s reputation at risk.  Here are five excellent tips from the US’s Young Entrepreneur Council on the use of social media and controversial topics.

  1. Use the staff meeting test

When it comes to political matters, if you wouldn’t share your opinion overtly with everyone during a […]

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Social media tip 7 for financial advisors: Never give advice

The law is very clear regarding social media and advice…  

FAIS governs the suitability of Advice on social media. Social media is simply never the place for Advice. There is no way that you can have insight into a person’s full set of financial circumstances after a couple of posts. Even more dangerously, any advice you post could be shared, shared […]

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Social media tip 6 for financial advisors: Ditch the pitch

It’s most frustrating when you accept a connection on LinkedIn or a friend on Facebook, and the person immediately sends you a stock pitch for work … 

Social media is about socializing, not advertising. Instead of constantly reminding people of what you can do for them, focus on creating thought-provoking content that will add value to their lives.  Incessant pitching isn’t […]

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