Opportunity abounds because of Covid-19

There’s no point in trying to sugarcoat it. Our economy will take a massive knock from all of this and, worse still, many South Africans may lose their lives. But in amongst all the heartache, there are some positives. Not least the opportunity to rethink the way we are living our lives, running our businesses and managing our country…

As the […]

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It’s business as usual for FinCommunications

We’re very fortunate as we structured FinCommunications as a predominantly online business when we launched three years ago. So, for us, it’s business as usual, but busier.

We’re a great believer that when things are going well, it’s never wise to take your foot off the gas.   And when things are tough, it’s time to accelerate.

So, do double down on your […]

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6 tips for online business meetings

As the world goes into lockdown, more and more people are working from home. Luckily video conferencing means we can still continue to meet. Even if it does take a bit of getting used to…

Convenient though video conferencing may be, it can feel a little odd to have to drop your guard and invite your colleagues into your homes. Follow […]

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5 critical covid crisis communication steps

The Covid-19 pandemic is a fast-moving situation. It’s essential that as your plans evolve, you communicate the details to your clients, prospects, and colleagues. They need to know how your business will continue to operate over the coming weeks and months.

Once you’ve put your plans in place, we recommend taking these 5 critical steps:

Step 1: Email existing clients

Send an email explaining:

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To chat in a box or not in troubled times? 

More and more businesses are incorporating chat boxes into their websites to assist in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.  Clients need both the immediacy and the personal connection. A real human being standing by to answer your questions sure beats an email. There’s no doubt that chat boxes work well for both clients and businesses, but they’re a big commitment […]