Estate Planning for ‘Cryptonians’

Kyle Abrahams Admitted Attorney and Legal Advisor at BDO South Africa.

If you’ve accumulated crypto assets, it goes without saying that you must explain how you want them to be distributed in your Will. BDO’s Kyle Abrahams sheds some much-needed light on a little-discussed issue.

In recent years, the global market has opened itself up to a whole new idea of trade…a […]

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Savings: With the debt question: Yes, No or Maybe?

The debt question: Yes, No or Maybe?

You’ve probably read a lot of articles about debt – it’s a perennial financial planning topic that has been debated repeatedly over the years. Surely there’s no point in revisiting this topic again?

There is a point, and here’s why.

According to a report by DebtBusters, a debt counselling and restructuring firm, unsecured debt has increased by […]

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POPIA is coming, but there’s no need to panic

The Protection of Personal Information Act comes into effect on 1 July. The Act will change the way you communicate with your clients, but it’s also a great opportunity to spring clean your database.

The imminent arrival of POPIA has sent South Africa into a tailspin. The Act has legal implications for almost all businesses, specifically relating to how you […]

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Financial planning for those with dementia

This is not a subject that many people like to discuss, but it’s essential if you want to make sure your finances last until the very end. It’s no secret that humans are living longer, and the flip side of longevity is the increased risk of illnesses associated with old age. One of the most debilitating is dementia – a term […]

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Need to know: POPIA and Direct Marketing

In the world of marketing, everyone’s talking about POPIA. Or, to give it its full name, the Protection of Personal Information Act. As you – hopefully – already know, on 1 July 2021 all South African businesses will have to be POPIA compliant.

POPIA has plenty of implications for marketers, specifically relating to how you manage and protect your customers’ data […]

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Financial planning for a special needs child

Financial planning for a special-needs child

Raising a child is stressful and expensive – ask any parent. But raising a child with special needs is exponentially so. Schooling requirements are different, constant care might be required (often throughout the child’s life), medical bills are higher, and there’s the crippling fear of how your child will cope when you pass away.

Every child is […]

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Don’t be shy – ask for an online review

The introverts reading this are already cringing! Yes, it’s hard to put yourself out there and ask your clients to rate your service, but there are very clear benefits to doing so – especially in our algorithm-driven world. Here’s how to make Google work for you.

 How do you find decent a decent building contractor to fix your kitchen roof, or […]

The increasing need to own your story and media

Tech companies are warring with media houses, opinion is masquerading as fact and fake news is becoming ever more pervasive. Against that backdrop, it’s more important than ever before to take control of your own narrative and media.  

 What happens when trust and relevance when income depends on clicks

Financial planning is a business of trust but earning trust in […]

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Turn off the hate and use social media for good

Ah, social media. Can’t live with it, can’t live without it. There are precious few industries where professionals can avoid social media altogether, but use it without moderation and it feels as if you’re constantly on the edge of having a nervous breakdown.

Even our own circles can’t be trusted. If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that the people we thought […]

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5 things Dr Seuss can teach you about business and Covid

Children’s books aren’t usually the first place you’d turn for business advice, let alone tips for surviving a pandemic. But Dr Seuss is not your average children’s author. My children are all grown up now, but I’ve never forgotten how applicable his work was to the world of grown-ups. While paging through their old books, I came across five lessons […]