What are you grateful for?

In amongst the mania of final deadlines and festive shopping, it’s important to take stock of the year that’s passed and to ask yourself what you are grateful for.

I am very grateful for FinCommunications’ third year in business.   Like any new business, we’ve had our ups and downs, but the fact that we end the year far stronger is something […]

Social media tip 10 for financial advisors: Monitor your performance

It’s essential to monitor your social performance so that you can continue to improve.

You can use the Analytics function on the various platforms, or you can use third-party software that not only gives you stats on your performance but allows you to manage and schedule upcoming posts. Analytics give valuable insights on the best times to post, the demographics of […]

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Social media tip 9 for financial advisors: Keep records

FAIS requires that you keep detailed and readily accessible records of all communications going back at least five years.

This includes social media. Luckily, all social media platforms now make it easy to access and download your data.

If you’re not quite sure how to download your records,  reach out to linda@fincommunications.com for help.  We’re specialist financial marketers with in-depth insight into […]

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