FinCommunications Scoops Global Award For Innovation in Marketing

The Cape Town-based financial marketing agency was recently crowned ‘Best Specialist Financial Marketing Team in South Africa: 2022’ by the leading global business publication The Corporate Magazine.

The judges were particularly impressed by the way in which FinCommunications has embraced technology – most notably through their recent partnership with FinDotNews. “We’ve dreamed of launching an automated marketing solution for […]

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Why do we Even Have Bull and Bear Markets?

Last year, shares in the company that owns Facebook – Meta Platforms – were up over 23%. So far in 2022, they have lost more than 60%.

This is just one extreme example of how market conditions have changed. Last year, almost everything seemed to be going up. This year, it’s difficult to find a market that hasn’t lost value.

In some […]

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Put Stocks, Rather Than Socks, Under the Tree This Christmas

These days, we are all under more financial pressure than usual. Inflation and a weaker rand are taking their toll.

Use your 13th cheque

So, if you are lucky enough to be getting a 13th cheque this year, you might want to think about the most meaningful things you can do with it – things that will last and potentially make a […]

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Five things we learnt while writing a book

During 2019, before Covid turned the world upside down, FinCommunications head Linda Graham travelled extensively to speak to 13 of South Africa’s top financial planners.

The interviews were for a book project commissioned by a leading financial planner in Johannesburg. Her goal was to highlight the extraordinary personal and business journeys that each of these inspiring individuals had undertaken, thereby inspiring […]

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