There’s much we can learn from an article on Game of Thrones and investing .. read on 

The financial services industry is miles ahead of the curve in many ways but our knowledge rarely extends to creating interesting marketing content.   The problem is that the industry is thwarted by the misunderstanding that its heavy regulatory burdens prevent it from taking an original and even funky approach! FinCommunications has the solution. The secret is to identify what makes your clients tick and to find a way to weave your message, ethos and value proposition into their preceding thoughts.

We’ve been creating online financial content for Prudential Investment Managers – our brief, to plug the gap between light-hearted financial discussion and technical investment reports and to produce captivating and gutsy content which is grounded in cold, hard fact. So, when they asked us to write a blog themed around the hit TV series Game of Thrones, we took the double-edged sword with two hands and ran with it. Having watched loads of re-runs and walking around in cloaks for a week, we crafted a piece which was instantly appealing to thousands of ‘thronies’ and also packed with exceptionally useful investment guidance.   (Prudential’s copyright applies)

Join the content marketing revolution

Forward-thinking FSPs like Prudential Investment Managers are proving, tweet by triumphant tweet, that content marketing can work in the financial services industry:  it’s not only for the young; wealthy, older clients can also be reached via social media.

If they can do it, so can you. By all means, bring on the infographics, viral videos, social media campaigns and blogs, but make sure that they:

  1. Are factually correct
  2. Don’t give any specific investment advice
  3. Are expertly crafted and enriching in their own right

FinCommunications covers all bases. We have in-depth financial planning and marketing experience and employ heavyweight copywriters who live and breathe creative content.

If this sounds like what your brand needs in these torrid times of RRD, see-sawing politics and looming fees changes, please get in touch. We’d love to find out what makes you tick. for a contemporary financial brand