Does your brand have soul?

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Have you ever considered your clients’ fears as the real challenge to your brand? And brand soul as the solution?  In today’s age, we need more than entertaining marketing. We need meaningful and interactive relationships with real people who become friends with similar souls.

It might sound a little trite and a risky, but it’s proven to be the winning formula.  Consider

Airbnb who welcomes you home,
Apple who moves to change the world, and
Vida Café who serves passion all day, every day.

It’s incorporated subtly, successfully and not in an overly emotional way.

What is soul?  
It’s the set of values that differentiate your brand from your competitors.  It’s the reason to be.  It protects brands when things go wrong.

What’s happened to soul? 
It’s been beaten by data, algorithms and predicted online behaviour. It’s lost to clicks with no defined values to likes and loves.

How to create soul? 
Be brave
Be creative
Define your emotions and values
Incorporate them into dedicated communities
Ensure brand consistency for real people with emotions
Communicate honestly, consistently and simply

Outcome of soul
It’s trust, which is everything in financial services.

It’s as simple as that.

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