The Cape Town-based marketing agency was recently crowned ‘Best Specialist Financial Marketing Team 2020 – South Africa’ in the Worldwide Finance Awards 2020, hosted by Acquisition International. 

“It’s wonderful that our efforts to combine specialist financial knowledge with a contemporary communications style are paying off,” says Linda Graham CFP® who founded FinCommunications in 2017.

Graham, who has a background in both marketing and financial planning, has collaborated with professional graphic designers and copywriters to breathe new life into financial services marketing in South Africa. Her decision to operate the business 100% remotely (made to ensure access to a global talent network) is really paying off during the pandemic, and she’s “very grateful to be busier than ever.”

Especially considering the firm is currently embarking on its biggest coup yet. In early 2021 FinCommunications be offering an affordable monthly subscription service for users of atWORK 6. “As we speak our team of writers is building up a bank of content marketing newsletters for financial planners to send to current and potential clients,” says Graham. This is just one of the ways in which FinCommunications is trying to put quality financial advice within reach of all South Africans…Especially as the country grapples the economic fallout of COVID-19.

Anyone who’d like to find out more about FinCommunications (or to suggest newsletter topics for the subscription service) can contact Linda on