The most incredible thing about social media is that we’re all publishers now and have equal access to the same audiences.   It’s very empowering, and opportunity for business abounds.   But is there an etiquette?  

Your activity on social media is a reflection of who you are. So, show some personality, make sincere connections and try to learn from your network.  Engage, build rapport, and be a thought leader. And always stay true to yourself.

At the same time, remember that FAIS states that you’ve always got to behave in a manner that shows you take managing your clients’ money seriously. Photos from your best mate’s toga party are not appropriate. If in any doubt, don’t post…especially if your judgment is clouded for any reason, which is very likely when you’ve had a few, very tired or angry.

I like to remind my clients that Google doesn’t forget.   A post on social media can reach an audience as large and significant as that of a billboard on a highway into a city.   So have fun,  but be cautious.

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