Did you know that the paper business card has been around since the 17th century? It’s no surprise, since the marketing power of that little rectangular memento is undeniable: it generates a favourable first impression and assists in creating advisor trust.

But how frustrating is it to have to dig around in your purse or wallet, or under your car seat, searching in vain for the email address of that person you met five weeks ago over drinks at the Vineyard?

The concept of a business card might still be as relevant as it was 400 years ago, but the way the information on the card is shared has become outdated now that the whole world has moved online. Imagine if your business card could visually depict the story of your brand, or integrate with your calendar to schedule a follow-up meeting? Imagine if it could save the recipient’s contact information and share it with anyone, anywhere in the world, at the click of a button?

All of this and more is possible with ProfileMe, a new web-based platform that interacts with your phone’s native features, as well as anything accessible online. It even plays nicely with offline content, such as PDF documents and forms, which can be linked to the card.

Here are five good reasons to make the switch.

1 It differentiates you from your competitors

The digital business profile is still a relatively new concept in the South African market. Give it a few years, however, and digital will be the norm, not the exception. Don’t wait until everyone else is doing it — get in now and make a memorable first impression.

2 It’s so easy to share

A paper business card requires face-to-face contact, whereas a digital profile can be shared via chat, email, social media or any other way you interact with fellow professionals and clients. It’s also so easy to save: your profile will never end up in the recycling bin like a paper card, which ensures a far better follow-up rate. And even though the application is web-based, you can save it on your phone’s home screen as an app icon, for instant access.

 3 Updating your details is a cinch

Remember the last time you had 500 paper cards printed, only to move offices two months later? With a digital profile, it’s simple to make changes to your personal information. You don’t have to hire a graphic designer to redo the card, or pay to have another stack printed.

4 It makes your life easier

ProfileMe is a web-based app, which means you don’t have to download it from an app store. It works across all operating systems — desktop and mobile — and requires very little legwork from the user. You can even set it up to syc with a third-party calendar booking system, and your email, so that you can seamlessly set up appointments. It’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket!

5 There are no limits to your creativity

A paper business card is limited by its physical properties — at most you can display a logo, text and a small image. With ProfileMe, you essentially get your own website and web-based mobile app in one, put together and designed for you by experienced UX designers and developers. You can use video, integrate marketing tools like subscription forms or surveys, and easily link to other digital resources. All of this enhances your offering and raises your value proposition.

FinCommunications is proud to be associated with ProfileMe , Remember — don’t get more paper cards printed, rather subscribe to this great new technology to benefit your business.