As the world goes into lockdown, more and more people are working from home. Luckily video conferencing means we can still continue to meet. Even if it does take a bit of getting used to…

Convenient though video conferencing may be, it can feel a little odd to have to drop your guard and invite your colleagues into your homes. Follow these tips and you’ll soon be Skyping with the best of them…

  1. Get out of your pyjamas 

Getting dressed for work isn’t just about maintaining a professional image in online meetings. It also makes you feel as if you are really at work, which is essential to maintaining productivity.

  1. Take the plunge

We are all in this socially challenging situation together, so don’t fear the unknown. You’ll soon get your head around whatever video conferencing software is thrown at you.

  1. Check your background

Choose a location where the background projects a professional image – but don’t get too fussed about your home décor. Some images of your personal space can assist others in connecting with you.

  1. Find the light

Lighting is essential when it comes to connecting online. If you station yourself in a gloomy corner your colleagues won’t be able to read your facial expressions (and you’ll lose motivation more quickly).

  1. Keep the kids and pets at bay

Kids (including fur kids) have a nasty habit of walking in at exactly the wrong time. Let your family know when you’re having a business meeting and ask them to respect your space (you might want to lock the door for good measure!). People will forgive the occasional interruption but try to keep them to a minimum.

  1. A glass of water is a must

It’s standard to have a glass of water with you in business meetings, so make sure to get one ready before working online. Leaving your desk to grab a drink isn’t a good look.

The final word

We at FinCommunications believe some good will come of this crisis. At the very least, we’ll all become far more efficient as we embrace online working solutions.

We can only beat this crisis if we hang together! Don’t be shy to mail if you’re feeling overwhelmed and need help with your communications.